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All plant containers by Eternit are guaranteed handmade in Switzerland. The material fibre concrete Eternit regulates humidity naturally and is breathable, it is extremely long lasting and 100% recyclable.


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Today's product range of the Swiss Eternit works founded in 1903 goes from architectural products for ceilings and facades up to plant containers and interiors.

Thereby the name of the company stands for quality and innovations of fibre concrete material. Asbestos fibre was used earlier for manufacturing, which is the reason why the company is still handling the dramatic consequential damages today. Eternit fibre concrete has been completely asbestos-free since the start of the 1990s but the name Eternit is often still associated with asbestos in building construction today.

Besides the interior and facade construction fields, there is also in the meantime a design department focussing on plant containers that had already been manufactured by the company shortly after its foundation. The Eternit plant containers have the quality seal of approval "Swiss handmade", i.e. that every single Eternit plant container is handmade in Switzerland. There is a label inside every container with the signature of the craftsman that made it.

Production processes and material make the Eternit plant containers, with appropriate care, frost-proof. Excessive water should however be able to out flow through openings in the pot's base.

Since Willy Guhl presented his beach chair 50 years ago, more and more designers have looked into the design potential of fibre concrete. The ECAL (Ecole cantonale d'Art Lausanne) students are currently successfully experimenting with the material. Renowned European designers are coming to Eternit with persuasive ideas at the same time. No question, the material is more popular than ever, and the elegant containers are much more than only plant pots.

Fibre concrete Eternit consists of the natural materials cement, chalk flour, fibres, air and water; is 100% recyclable and has been completely asbestos-free for more than 25 years. The benefits for your plants: Eternit is breathable and it regulates humidity. In addition Eternit is dyed through, which prevents chipping and colour loss making it extremely long lasting.

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