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Colourful design for kids

Forms from the Scandinavian nature inspired the graphic patterns and motifs, which decorate the Kids Collection by ferm Living.

Children's laughter flows into us, when we open the door to the ferm Living universe for the youngest members of the family. The rooms are filled with the variety and patterns and colour combinations, which correspond to the innocent children mind and where game and daydreaming determine the the days.

Creativity & functionality go hand in hand

The everyday life with children is fill of comfort and joy - but it is also bristling with logistical and practical tasks. The highest priority for ferm Living is to make a space for life, playing and phantasy in the designs. But almost as important is that creativity and design go hand in hand with functionality and quality of materials.

Certified organic materials

ferm Living places the utmost importance in the certification of all children's products and in the ecological materials used for them. This is the only way a high quality collection can grow, offering pleasure to children for a long time.