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Form & Refine processes and refines future-proof materials and, with care and craftsmanship, creates sustainable products that are still inspiring even after decades.


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Form & Refine is a young, Danish interior Form & Refine that uses the finest materials and attaches Form & Refine importance to sustainability. The materials of furniture, ceramics and home textiles are processed in their countries of origin, taking into account the local handicraft traditions, in order to create design objects in the Scandinavian style that support local markets and thereby gain in value themselves.

Form & Refine its designs clear, simple and elegant so that the material can develop its effect in the best possible way. The longevity of each individual product is particularly important to the manufacturer, which makes it more and more valuable over the years.

Great materials and craft traditions

A joint vision of the Danes Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen created the interior Form & Refine in 2018. The founders' intent was to create a high-quality brand that traces materials back to their origins while protecting the earth and preserving traditional traditions with its design philosophy.

All materials are processed directly in the respective region of origin by local companies for Form & Refine . This not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also ensures the continued existence of local companies.

Form & Refine divides its product range into four collections, each of which is dominated by different materials: alpaca fibers, ceramics, wood and so-called OffCuts, products from remnants of wood and textiles from other manufacturers.

Form & Refine produces blankets, pillows and other textiles from Alapaka fibers. The manufacturer obtains these from an alpaca cooperative in the high plateaus of Bolivia. This not only supports the work of alpaca farmers, but also helps to preserve their weaving skills and knowledge.
Form & Refine the tone for ceramics such as vases and jugs from Alcobaça in Portugal. There, traditional pottery techniques are used to produce the crockery.
The Damsbo forest on the Danish island of Funen is the source of the Danish woods used by Form & Refine : ash, maple and oak. Seating furniture, tables and many other design objects are made from them.

At every manufacturing site, Form & Refine fair and respectful partnerships with the local cooperatives and small manufacturers. Because the manufacturers are convinced that the best specialists can be found in the country from which the material comes. Their expertise and craftsmanship are ultimately reflected in the products and their quality.

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