Georg Jensen - Barbry

Barbry Collection, situation image

Aurélien Barbry says: "Design is an exercise in taking the simplest things from everyday life and asking yourself how you can redesign them. I like to move objects in the direction of simplicity and obviousness of their functionality to create a dialogue with the end user. The reinstatement of everyday shapes, simply and accurately."

This architectural approach is also recognisable in the Barbry Collection, which was designed by the Frenchwoman for Georg Jensen. Of course the return to essentials in design can be called typically Scandinavian, thus it makes sense that Aurélien Barbry has set up shop in Copenhagen.

The kitchen utensils from the Barbry Collection are clearly inspired by the Nordic design tradition of Georg Jensen. Here sculptural forms with uncompromising functionality are presented. Moreover only the best materials are used. solid oak and stainless steel. This makes the Barbry Collection by Georg Jensen the epitome of the New Nordic kitchen, which brings Scandinavian values such as craftsmanship, quality and aesthetics to the here and now.

The essential pieces of the Georg Jensen Barbry Collection embody this approach like hardly any other product line. Three knives, a wooden spoon and spatula, a tray, a board and salt and pepper shakers were designed completely anew by Aurélien Barbry to bring the clear aesthetics of Danish design into the contemporary era.