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Mediterranean baked potato with homemade pesto[Free translation] Summertime is the time for garden and BBQ evenings. But many things can go wrong while grilling. For example while trying to heat the grill. There is a classic barbecueing mistake many people make when they grill for the first time. Even though people light the grill a while before they want to start frying their meal, they only use few charcoal. It's better to use the whole content of a three kilograms charcoal bag than only half of it. So in the moment I realized I needed more charcoal for a successful BBQ, my guests were already there and we all had to wait a bit longer.

A look into the face of my guests told me: Do something! Since nothing spreads more bad mood than to wait for a meal when you're hungry. I thought about my error of having admitted that barbecueing was a duty to be done by men. But only for an instance, since I have some tricks to make my guests happy and to hide my mistake.

The Marimekko Oiva Räsymatto in useFor you to save the moment when things go wrong, or if it takes a bit longer than planned, I have complied some red herrings and mood savers for your BBQ guests. My strategies are also helpful if the SpareRibs of the male guests have been a bit too long on the grid and the faces of them get longer, by the way.

Red herring no 1 – the perfect table decoration for the BBQ party

What's a great party without the right table decoration. But how yould it be if your guests could wonder a bit as well? Of course you have chosen pretty plates, glasses and napkins. The special topping for your next BBQ party could be the das salad cutlery by Konstantin Slawinski, since then you will surprise your guests. This will make it possible to play a bit and to make your guests forget how long the preparation is taking.

Red herring no 2 – start the salad party

Serve some dips and salads that are able to remain alone and your guests won't starve. Yes, you could have invited them to a salad party without barbecue, right? This will also help if you decided to become a chemist and transform meat into charcoal. A special salad or dip with bread will make your guests smile again. And I am not talking about the classic potatoes, cucumber salads – since you want to impress your guests. Therefore here comes a receipt for my "baked potato salad with garden herbs pesto and rocket". You guests won't have tasted this one I believe!

Homemade pesto with the Crush-It mortar by Rig-Tig by Stelton.For 4 hungry people you need:

  • 1 kg small potatoe
  • 150 g rocket
  • some dry tamtoes pickled in oil, chopped a bit
  • 1-2 table spoons self-made garden herbs pesto
  • green or black olives, as much as you like
  • salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • paprika powder

Garden herbs pesto with the Crush-It mortarAnd this is how you prepare the baked potato salad: Wash the small potato, since the peel is part of the salad. Cut it in cubes to be added to a bowl. Add enough olive oil, a bit of salt, pepper and paprika powder and mix it all. Let the mixture in the oven during about 30-40 minutes at 180°C until the potatoes are crunchy. Then the rest goes faster. Let the potatoes cool down and mix them with the other ingredients. Add as much pesto, salt, pepper and balsamico as cou want and then you will have created a wonderfully exceptional salad.

Red herring no 3 – let the hungry people attack your herbs…

…and let them take a bit of self-made herbs pesto with them as a souvenir. Since it is easy, creative, fun and surely a great red herring with great memories for the days after the party.
You won't need much for it: pick up some fresh herbs, use a mortar, a bit of salt, pepper, olive oil, a bit of garlic (about 1 clove per glass), almonds and some glasses to fill the pesto in.

Let your guests go outside with a herbs scissor for their own mixture. But you should avoid using too much herbs like sage or rosemary, since the pesto might taste rather bitter than fresh afterwards. Violet or green basil, dill, rocket, wild garlic, lemon balm, mint, oregano and a bit of thyme are great herbs for a pesto. But your phantasy is able to run free when you plant your own herbs. The best thing of doing your own garden herbs pesto? You can directly use it for the baked potato rocket salad.

Your next BBQ party will start with a lot of surprises then. Don't fear bad mood when the food preparation takes a bit longer. Your guests will love your red herrings.

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