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Festively laid table: for a bit of ambience

Blogger's Photo - Sarah Dollert - Advent wreath - Christmas

Just at Christmas and New Year's Eve, we searched the right accessories for a pretty laid table – for the coffee table or the 4-course menu both equally. The atmosphere raises or falls with correctly placed cutlery for the different courses, but especially small tricks and special accessories add a festive character for the right occasion. We'll show you different ideas for your banquet table with many odds and ends that you can cover your table with.

How to Decorate Your Dining Table for Christmas:

  1. Textiles and fine material combinations for the banquet table
  2. High quality utensils with the certain something
  3. Table decorations with original accessories

Textiles and fine material combinations for the banquet table

Tablecloths or placemats are often enough to make a difference to the table everyday. Select them suiting the table decorations. Bright tablecloths made of cotton or linen, as for example of the manufacturer Alfred , look classic. The appropriate silverware and bright dishes can add the special something to anthracite or other simple dark tablecloths. If you have a beautiful table made of solid wood, placemats will be a great choice. They don’t only protect the table, but also decorate it without hiding it. LindDNA offers a very noble edition of them with the Table Mat Square L. The place mats are made of recycled leather and available in various colours.

Christmas Rustic placemat by Georg Jensen Damask
Natale Tablecloth from Juna

Placemats provide the basis for the arrangement of the other dishes and show the guests where they can sit. Combine different materials when you choose your dishes. Glass and China complement each other harmoniously, without outmaneuvering each other. Thus, for example, the Kastehelmi plate delivers a subtle and yet refined base for simple white porcelain. For those of you who want to be graphically bold, you might like the manufacturer Marimekko with his oversized plate with the popular black and white patterns, which are ideal as a base place. A good example would be the Oiva Räsymatto plate .

Iittala - Sarpaneva Serving Plate, stainless steel

Marimekko - focus round tray Ø 46 cm
Iittala - Taika Plate flat, blue Ø 27 cm

Napkins are an absolute must-have on every dinner table - whether in fabric or paper. They can be folded and are practical being the first table decoration. If you don’t like to fold them, you can use napkin rings. The napkins can decorative be placed on the plates with them. Not only ferm living knows how to bribe with fine rings. Napkins or napkin rings, they should fit in your colour scheme. Don’t overload your table with a wide variety of bright colours, but choose a bold colour and work with subtle tones that play with this one. A black and white contrast can be tempting.

Alessi - Oui Napkin Ring, Ø 6 cm / Stainless steel
Square placemat L 35 x 45 cm from LindDNA
Artful contrasts

High quality utensils with the certain something

You can score for your guests with special dishes. Bright porcelain looks classic and noble just like the table textiles. The service of the Grand Cru soft collection by Rosendahl set accents with the characteristic, distinctive grooves despite the simple appearance. The Magic Grip Collection by Kahla scores with a twist despite the classic simplicity: An integrated silicone foot prevents the harness from slipping of clattering away - a plus in the Christmas hustle and bustle. Sensitive surfaces and the nerves will be protected.

Christmas Tableware by Bjørn Wiinblad

Christmas Mug 35 cl by Bjørn Wiinblad in Red
Iittala - Taika bowl, red 0.30 L
Christmas Plate Ø 20 cm by Bjørn Wiinblad in Red
Christmas Bowl Ø24 cm by Bjørn Wiinblad in Red

Iittala relies on colour and pattern. The soft ornaments of the Sarjaton collection cover cups, bowls and plates discretely, without risking to be overcharged. Iittala Taika collection opts for bright colour! This service is decoration and dishes in one with the festive red colour. If you focus on colour, you should choose more decorative elements discretely and combine them with glass. The delicate material takes the rigor of the colour and enhances it harmoniously. A nice addition is the Kastehelmi collection from Iittala. Each glass and bowl is a piece of jewellery ornamented with small glass drops, reminding us of dew.

You see, unusual shapes, patterns and little extras are responsible for that certain something. This is how Holmegård offers, for example, a dessert bowl with a leather handle - anything but ordinary and a beautiful focal point on each plate.

Table decorations with original accessories

Corpus Delicti - Black Magic - DIY Christmas tree ornament, black matt

Christmas Wreath H 7 cm, Silver by Rosendahl
Cubo Tealight holder, black from Philippi

Candlelight will offer the right ambience where it comes to festive hours. The large range of wine and water glasses that normally adorns a feast, fits glass candleholders. Lovingly arranged accessories on the table complete the picture. The Black Magic DIY baubles by Corpus Delicti have a black coating, which is easily writable with chalk. Provide them with the names of your guests and make an original form of place labels with them. Or decorate them with wishes and festive images and place them decoratively in the middle of the table. In any case, the Black Magic DIY baubles are a creative eye-catcher and, if you decide to give them to your guests, they’re a special gift!

Granny candleholder H 11,6 cm from Northern in blackOur recommendations for you:CandlestickView now!

Smaller dishes such as canapés, bread or small foods such as olives and grapes can be served in bowls on a tray. The tray offers a decorative frame for the bowls and a firm place on the table. Rustic wood represents a pleasing contrast under porcelain and glass, and gives a warm touch to the table. Alternatively glass and porcelain can also be combined or add a precious touch to your ambience with silver. Wood lovers will find high class Trays for a beautiful dining table, made by our manufacturers Skagerak , Georg Jensen and Rosendahl .

Skagerak - Nordic Cup, ∅ 12 cm & ∅ 30 cm
Candleholder Tunes by Georg Jensen
Kähler Design - Omaggio Bowl

You see, a festively laid table is no science work! Already with a few original accessories and enchanting dishes you can create the right mood.

Send us your advent or Christmas table!

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Fotocredit: Sarah Dollert (@sardoe)

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