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AJ Floor lamp from Louis Poulsen

Fashion isn’t the only medium where the style of past decades comes back. The wild 70s come back with flared trousers, fringe bags and ethno-patterns. Our homes are longing for retro trends as well. Furniture and home accessories like those of the 50s, 60s and 70s are trendier than ever.

Home accessories and furniture that will bring Retro Style into your home:

  1. Living with classic pieces
  2. Re-editions: Retro-design reloaded
  3. Furnishing with retro-style: This is how it works
  4. Modern retro design

Living with classic pieces

If you are looking for new ideas for your own four walls in home magazines or on virtual pin boards, you will surely see a few classic pieces. It’s about the Plastic Side Chair by Ray and Charles Eames. Hardly another chair is as popular as this white home classic. The chair is a design of the 50s, which is a hardly believable detail. The modern, minimalistic shape wonderfully harmonize with contemporaneous elements and rustic furniture of natural wood.

Design Classics by Vitra & Hay in the Dining Room

A piece of furniture, which clearly represents the design of the 50s, is the kidney table. Its asymmetric shape and the graceful legs are typical for the small side table. The combination of natural, rustic materials and filigree, reduced shapes, are the reason why this piece of ancient furniture is popular.

Timeless and very desired are the furniture pieces of the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. The plywood chairs with pretty names like Ant, Swan or Egg are the reason why the Danish manufacturer entered the history. The Series 7 Chair by Fritz Hansen celebrated his 60th birthday a few days ago. This is a good event for a new dress for the slim waist of the chair. The classic chair appears with exceptional colours for a limited time now. Special editions aren’t only a way to quench the current thirst for vintage pieces of home design.

Fritz Hansen - Choice 2016 - the Ant
Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair, monochromatic Chevalier orange

Re-editions: Retro-design reloaded

Special editions are popular, but they don’t only appear in the event of an anniversary. Re-editions are a popular way for that as well.

Re-editions are a way of presenting ancient designs again. This starts with small home accessories like watches or fans and goes over furniture like chairs or armchairs as well. A re-edition thereby want’s to edit a piece as close as possible to the original – which is different to what special editions do. The furniture are thereby mostly produced keeping in mind the original colours and materials, in order to keep the special charm of them. Vitra, for example, re-produces the lifestyle of the 50s with the table and wall clocks by George Nelson, re-edited now in the Vitra Home Complements Collection.

Vitra - Sunburst Clock, black / brass
Nelson Fan Clock, Eames Elephant and Eames House Bird by Vitra
Flair of the 50s for the living room

Furnishing with retro-style: This is how it works

Those of you who want to furnish with the style of the 50s, 60s or 70s should remain modern with one leg. Since: a whole retro-style home might be too much. In order to avoid a museum-look, you should mix old and new.


Classic mid-century furniture like a sideboard with 60s style can be combined with a modern carpet, a purist vase or lamp. Concrete or coloured walls add a cool frame to the retro-furniture and the dusty image will fade.

The rustic look of wooden furniture can be broken with colours. This is possible with cushions or wall pictures. The main credo is: Opposites attract each other. Combine old and new, wood and metal, pure furniture and coloured home accessories. Everything you like is allowed.

The Northern lighting - Birdy table lamp in white / metallic placed on the side table.
Egg Chair from Fritz Hansen
FlowerPot Pendant light VP1 (coloured) from & tradition above the table

Modern retro design

In order to bring the popular retro-style into your living room, you mustn’t really search through jumble sales. You can trust re-editions of famous brands like Vitra, Zanotta or Knoll or go for your future classic piece already today.

Young designers often add a contemporaneous look with modern details and materials to classic forms of the 50s and 60s. Manufacturers like The Hansen Family or Muuto vitalize the golden era of design following the guiding phrase “modern retro”. We wish you fun while surfing through the times.

Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW by Vitra in maple yellowish / whiteOur recommendations for you:ChairsView now!

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