Autumn is the Season to Snuggle

Cachepot with foot Juliane from Bjørn WiinbladThe most colourful season is upon us, and with the flutter of falling leaves comes the excitement for welly boots, wooly hats and snuggling up in thick, soft blankets with a mug of hot chocolate. Hedgehogs and squirrels across the land are preparing their homes for hibernation and we're getting into the spirit of things, too: building small forts out of cushions and filling every available space with tealights!

Snuggle in Cosy Blankets and Throws

When decorating for autumn, it's important to think cosy. Unlike summer with its searing heat and sun pouring in through every window, autumn is cool and the sunlight is softer. When the air is crisp and the leaves underfoot are crunchy, there's nothing nicer than coming home from a long walk and snuggling into a blanket or diving into cushions!
The Polygon Quilt by Hay is a reversible blanket in vibrant colours. Darker on one side and lighter on the other, the blanket features embossed polygons and triangles to create a star-like pattern.
Cushions are a great way of adding personal touches to a room at the same time as increasing its autumnal ambience. The Random pillowcases by Iittala X Issey Miyake feature a pleated design in powdery, timeless colours.
ferm Living are known for their bold geometric shapes and eye-catching patterns. The Squares Knitted Blanket is not only soft and warm - made from 100% cotton - it is also a beautiful eye-catcher perfect for throwing over the sofa or draping over a chair. The three-dimensional design is colour-reversed on each side of the blanket, making switching up the look of your autumn living room or bedroom as easy as flipping a blanket.

Colours of the Polygon quilt by Hay Iittala X Issey Miyake - cushion covers Knitted Blanket Squares by ferm Living in Grey

Warm from Within with a Hot Mug of Cocoa or Mulled Wine

Another thing that we look forward to when we think of autumn is the opportunity to enjoy the warming effect of a hot drink. Finding a mug suitable for piling on the cream and marshmallows is essential - we particularly recommend the Sarjaton Mug by Iittala. Available in a variety of different designs, the delicate patterns and soft colours create an instagram-perfect mug of cocoa! Simply add whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and mini-marshmallows and enjoy the warmth of a hot chocolate while relaxing in the garden with a good book.
Another ever-popular classic is the Chambord Coffee Maker by Bodum, which is equipped with the patented Bodum Press Filter system.
The Skagerak Edge Teapot captures the spirit of autumn in terracotta. Ideal for a pot of tea or even some spicy mulled wine, the design features a teak wood handle and brass rivets, capturing the simplicity of hygge and the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Bodum - Chambord Coffee Maker Iittala - Sarjaton atmosphere image Edge Tableware by Skagerak

Capture the Autumnal Atmosphere with Plants

Long walks in the woods in wellington boots are characteristic of autumn. Squelching in mud and kicking through leaves is one of life's delights that you never grow out of - but why leave nature outside? While the leaves are falling outside and leaving the trees bare, inside you can collect all manner of plants to keep the life in autumn. Plants make great autumn decorations, and the urban jungle look is increasingly popular all year round.
The history of the Korbo handmade wire baskets goes all the way back to the early 1920s in Sweden. These timeless tools, once used by farmers and fishers for transport and storage, have been repurposed as a design piece for your home. If you're looking for something different than the classic terracotta plant pot, Korbo is a great alternative to add a touch of style to your autumnal houseplants. Due to their working origins, these wire baskets are also very hardwearing and last a long time.
The Love Song Collection by Kähler Design is a beautiful way of featuring beloved song lyrics in your interior design. In soft greys perfect for creating a snuggly autumn atmosphere, these ceramic vases are available in a range of heights.
Single stem flowers add a romantic element to any room, and the Sculpt Vase Pod by ferm Living is an eye-catching vessel for solitary roses or even twigs and branches collected on an autumn walk.

Korbo - Classic 35 Love song vases Hexagon Vase and Flowerpot by ferm Living

Use Tealights to Add Extra Warmth and Romance in Grey Weather

When the days start getting shorter and the nights longer, it is the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with tealights and enjoy the romantic atmosphere that only fire can bring. The Etch Votive by Tom Dixon reflects the firelight and shimmers in the darkness. Collected in odd numbers, either on its own or in a group of three or five, this Votive creates an impressive feature to round off your autumnal decorations. Alternatively, place 4 along a mantle piece with a vase in the middle, creating a symmetrical pattern that dances in the candlelight.
Urbania by Kähler Design feature hand-carved windows allowing the cosy candlelight to shine through. Designed by Barbara Bendix Becker and Mette Bache, these votives would take pride of place on the coffee table or windowsill, allowing the romantic candlelight to be seen through the window if desired. Urbania is available in various architectural forms, such as traditional Roman basilicas, modern high-rise buildings or architecturally beautifully places of worship.
For a simpler design that emphasises the warmth of the candle itself, the Old English Tealight Holder by Holmegaard is a lovely addition to your autun interior. Put them along the length of a table runner for a wonderful candlelit dinner with friends or a loved one. The perfect activity on a beautiful autumnal evening.

Tom Dixon - Etch Votive Candleholder Candlelight in winter from Kähler Design Old English Tea Light Holder from Holmegaard


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