Iittala - Vitriini Collection

Iittala - Vitriini Collection - 16:6

Vitriini is a collection of small gems for storing and presenting your favourite pieces at home. The boxes can easily be combined thanks to a variety of boxes in different colours - the possibilities are almost endless.

The collection, which was designed by glass designer Anu Penttinen, is a prime example of Iittala's design philosophy: The Vitriini boxes are wonderful multipurpose accessories for everyday life and they stand out whether alone or in a group.

The name "Vitriini" means showcase in Finnish, and the small boxes truly deserve this name. They form a frame for all the small things we use every day: keys, jewellery, office items or fond souvenirs from the past holidays. They allow you to keep everything organised without needing to hide individual items in drawers or cupboards.

Since its introduction in 2010, the Vitriini Collection has grown considerably: Many sizes and colours as well as new materials have been added. Wood, aluminium, durat and cork provide contrasts in the glass series by Iittala. This versatility makes it possible to combine them as individually as the users themselves: Different sizes, materials and colours create wild, colourful, romantic or graphic images according to your personal taste. The Vitriini series by Iittala was honoured with the iF Award in Gold.

Despite all this modernity, Iittala remains faithful to its tradition of glass with the Vitriini series: All glass parts are hand-blown, which should delight all connoisseurs.