Hay Talent Award 2014

The hard competition between the 33 this year's finalists of the Hay Talent Award was won by two promising talents, which embody both sides of the company Hay: The German design student Joel Hoff from the London College of Art for his table lamp Switch Light and the English design student Hannah Waldron from the Konstfack Stockholm for her woven wall carpet Hand in Cloud.

The original prize of 15,000€ was increased and divided into two for both of the winners, getting 10,000€ each one in the end. The unusual result with two winners came because the jury of ten experts couldn't decide and accordingly 5 members of the jury chose Waldron and 5 of them Hoff.

Hay Talent Award: Two winners at once

Wrong for Hay-manager Sebastian Wrong explained that Joel Hoff "designed a lamp, which is switched off by moving the base. Resulting in an intelligent interplay of light and functionality. Many designs of Joel Hoff are clever, so that they have the potential of being produced."

The TV moderator and trend expert Mads Arlien-Søborg spoke for Hannah Waldron: "Hannahs project is unique, since she wove the historic weight and the expression of wall carpets with a modern design perspective. The carpet tells the story based on a poem of Patti Smith and the colour scheme is ultra-contemporary."

Rolf and Mette Hay thank all the participants that presented their work on the competition on the Formland/Upgraded in the Danish Herning. The projects of all the 33 finalists let us expect that there are many positive surprises to come in the future.

Article from the 2014-08-26

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