Pinterest Home Trends 2017: Modern Bedside Tables

The social network Pinterest has revealed the most-shared home trends for 2017. It is clear that the feeling of individuality within the home is as important as ever - we want to feel that our space represents and reflects who we are. In an increasingly hectic world, it is ever more important to be able to switch off at home - a sanctuary from the outside world. No other room epitomises this oasis of peace as well as the bedroom. But if you think that the bed should be the focus of attention, that's where you're wrong! This year it's the nightstand or bedside table that taking the limelight. It is the piece of furniture that stores everything that you might need at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. Decorated with love, the trend is for eyecatching and personal bedside tables.

Especially as I live in a big city, it is important to me to create a peaceful area at home where I can relax and dream. Ever since I've been interested in the world of interior design and home accessories, wood has been the material that has especially spoken to me in its various forms. It's not for nothing that Skagerak is my favourite brand at Connox. So of course I'm pleased to see nature continue to be strongly represented in all areas of home design. This return to nature can also be seen in the no-longer-so-humble bedside table. Pictures of nightstands have increased by 721% in the last year - a bigger increase than any other trend. This is a clear sign that in 2017 the bedroom - and in particular the bedside table - will see a lot of love! Photo sharing communities such as Pinterest and Instagram always amaze me with how much love and care can go into decorating a room. The variety of ideas from users on social networks brings me new inspiration daily and has moved me to share with you my favourites from Connox.

The Classic Bedside Table in a Modern Look

Dream bedside table with legs by Montana

Night stands are used not only for decorative purposes but above all for the storage of personal items. Things that we need just before we go to sleep or first thing after waking up. But the classic bedside table is far from boring. The brands Normann Copenhagen, XLBoom and Established & Sons prove with their creative designs that it is possible to give the bedroom a modern look and at the same time keep things practical.

Imaginitive Solutions are Trending

Skagerak - Cutter Box, teak woodThe social networks are definitely not taking the term 'bedside table' literally. It is no longer necessary for it to be a side table found next to the bed. Particularly creative solutions are the ones shared the most among users. It can be shelves, wine cases or even blocks of wood - the most important thing is personal style and imagination. When it comes to materials, wood in all its different forms is still leading the way: nature is being brought into the home under the heading "natural living". This is shown in the interior design trend that Connox's Caren will be presenting to you next week: the increased use of plants inside the home.

Bedside Tables in Wood: Bring Nature into Your Home

Bed headboard 180 cm from OYOY in dark grey / caramelSkagerak's stool from the Cutter collection is especially suited as a nightstand. The valuable solid wood is not only nice to look at, but also exceptionally stable. Underneath the stool is enough room for a box, which is ideal for storing all your daily bits and bobs.

If you're looking to bring the forest home to you, consider using the Block tree trunk stool as a bedside table. This emphasises the natural touch in a very special way and, with the right room plants and other wooden furniture can transform your bedroom into a small wood.

A Shelf as a Nightstand? Of Course!

Kelim Rug Section by ferm Living with the Outline Wall DecorationUsing a shelf as a bedside table might at first seem somewhat unsual. But it was exactly such creative ideas that have been pinned and repinned again and again on Pinterest. I personally love the idea, and you have to agree that it can often be difficult to store everything that you need on your bedside table without it starting to look cramped and messy. The perfect solution then is a shelf that utilises the unused wall space around your bed to form a creative and useful storage space. One of my favourite products is without a doubt the Stacked shelving system from Muuto. The amazing thing about this shelf is that you can personally decide what it should look like and set it up to match your own individual needs. There's not even limit to what size or colour you want for the individual modules. Because of this, every set of shelves can be made unique. If a whole wall of shelves is too much, you can always go for a single block shelf. Hanging alternatives are made available by String with the Pocket shelving system. And Bloomingville shows us some great examples of how to decorate your new bedisde shelf with their wooden boxes.

String - Pocket wall shelf Ferm Living - Wire Basket Bloomingville - Wooden Storage Box, nature / pastel

Bedroom Geometry

Frame Elements and Illustrate Picture FramesAnyone following the colour trends of the year will already be aware that decorating in pastels is in. Clear lines and geometry in furniture creates a lovely contrast with pastel colours. We're not sticking with tradition here either, though! The Wire Basket from ferm Living turns into a practical bedside table when combined with its lid, perfect for storing blankets and cushions. If you want to stick with wood and still show clear lines, take a look at the Frame Box from by Lassen, which is a mix of soft wooden look with stylish edges in a futuristic design.

If you like these ideas, why not browse our category for side tables? There are plenty of designer pieces there. And if I've been able to convince you to try something a little more unusual, you'll find plenty of beautiful shelving options here. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter - we'd love to see photos of your modern bedside table!

Article from the 2017-01-10, by Christian Czok

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