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Cucina by Jenaer Glas – Experience cooking with shapely and practical glass dishes

Enjoy refined meals made in the oven with friends and relatives – that's what the Cucina Collection from Jenaer Glas is made for. The manufacturer concentrated on the daily challenges of cooking and marketed a glass collection, which re-interprets the original way of preparing and serving meals.

Round, rectangular and square shapes for oven dishes or quiches – for big and small portions – invite to cook and bake your favourite meals: pasta bake, seafood meals or sweet dishes. Special glass raises the heat and the frost resistance for multiple usage possibilities.

Ovenproof glass dishes – bake, serve, store and re-heat

The ovenproof dishes of the Cucina Collection make it possible for you to prepare meals in the oven and to serve them afterwards directly on the table – without the need of changing the container. Since high functionality is accompanied by stylish design- The additional lid closes the resting food safely to be stored in the fridge. The integrated valve also makes the lid usable in the microwave. The valve must only be opened before the meal is warmed. Fresh products to be conserved can also be held in the glass dishes of the Cucina Collection. The special glass of the Jenaer Glas products resists the temperatures of freezers without any problems. Please only avoid hard temperature changes – like from the oven into the freezer without waiting for the temperature to normalize a little.

The baking and serving dish – the baking dish with included cake plate

A real multitalented is the baking and serving dish of three parts. Sweet meals like cakes and pies are directly baked on the heat resistant glass plate. Take off the cake ring afterwards and there you will have a stylish cake plate instead or a simple glass plate for the baking ring – and you won't recognize the real baking function of the plate after it came out of the oven to be served. The noble cake plate of glass is a pleasant frame for your baked meal and it ornaments every coffee table. This avoids risky changes of plates: you will present a perfectly unharmed pie or cake to your guests.

Do you want to transport your cake? The put the practical covering hood on the cake and fix it at the glass plate. The integrated handle will make it easy to carry it. This is perfectly adapted to coffee hours outside or events you were invited to.

Jenaer Glas – famous for high class household products all over the world

The Cucina Collection connects traditional values with modern lifestyle – which is something characteristic for the products of Jenaer Glas. The brand of the Zwiesel Kristallglas AG is one of the great German tradition brands and it represents high class household products all over the world, being the embodiment of heat resistant glass. The Cucina collection is only one of uncountable timelessly beautiful product solutions for common cooking hours in family life.

Discover the highly functional and stylish glass dishes of the Cucina Collection from Jenaer Glas in the home design shop. Our customer care will gladly answer all of your questions.