Joseph Joseph - Helix

Joseph Joseph - Helix Collection

Food Presses with Horizontal Rotation Mechanism

The Helix Collection by Joseph Joseph includes ergonomically shaped food presses, with whom it's easy to mash and crush potatoes, garlic, citrus fruits and co. For most vertical presses, much power needs to be applied to squeeze or crush the according food. The Helix presses by Joseph Joseph, however works horizontally.

This way, the power for pressing comes more from the shoulder and the innovative rotary mechanism reproduces the force that is applied in addition. This will make the pressing and crushing a lot easier.

The series includes lemon squeezers, potato ricers and garlic crusher, which can also be used for other foods. All Helix presses consist of two parts made of stainless steel and nylon. Both parts are therefore easy to clean and dishwasher-proof.