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Joseph Joseph - M-Cuisine

The M-Cuisine Collection by Joseph Joseph includes a pasta and rice cooker, an egg poacher, cool-touch bowl and plate, an omelette bowl and a 4-piece cooking set.

Kitchen Utensils & Containers for the Microwave

The M-Cuisine Collection by Joseph Joseph consists of a number of extremely functional utensils and containers that will enable you to prepare meals quickly and easily in the microwave. From a simple poached egg through to a complete meal for the whole family, the M Cuisine Collection containers are able to prepare everything without time-consuming cooking.

Microwave Pot for Pasta, Rice & Eggs

The rice and pasta cookers were developed especially for preparing rice and pasta. In the omelette bowl, the egg can be both mixed and then cooked in the microwave. The microwave egg poacher whips up two perfectly poached eggs in an instant and the cool-touch function makes it possible to take the microwave bowl and plate out of the microwave without gloves or burning yourself once your food is warm and cooked.

The highlight of the collection is the M-Cuisine microwave cooking set, which consists of a 2-litre saucepan, steamer, frying pan/grill plate and lid. With this cooking set, a whole family dinner can be prepared - and all easily and conveniently in the microwave.


Accessories for the microwave

The M-Cuisine Collection by Joseph Joseph offers various cookware and accessories for the easy preparation of various meals in your microwave oven. The video shows all the utensils and functions at a glance.