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Vases with lyric details

Love Song is a unique and modern vases collection by Jelena Schou Nordentoft and Ditte Reckweg from the design studio Stilleben. They usually design Scandinavian home accessories in their studio.

Love songs as typographic design

The ceramic vases in different heights and colours are unified by their typographic design, which ornaments the exterior corpus of the vases. Thereby the vases are adorned by quotes and words of the most popular love songs. "Love me tender", "All you need is love", "It had to be you" and "I got you babe".

The lovingly decorated vases delight with the combination of reduced Scandinavian design, a warm colour scheme and typographic details that emphasize quotes of love songs. Thereby the surface of the outside is contrasted with a glossy finish inside.

Handmade ceramics according to tradition

Traditionally all ceramics by Kähler are made by hand since 1839. Each individual design is a tribute to the history of Kähler and is a appreciation of the traditional craft. Get an insight into the Kähler workshops in this video.