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Innovation in porcelain: The Magic Grip Collection by Kahla has clear advantages in use.

The integrated silicone foot prevents dishes from slipping away or clattering. It also protects sensitive surfaces. The Magic Grip dishes allow you to have undisturbed conversations without the clattering of plates and cups on the table. Delicate surfaces no longer need to be covered with place mats, since Magic Grip protects them from scratches.

And the danger of dishes falling from a serving tray is also noticeably minimised. Not least, the novel tableware by Kahla also reduces the risk of dishes accidentally being knocked off the table – a real advantage, not just in households with children.

Kahla Magic Grip: Innovation on your table The non-slip, non-clattering and surface-protecting dishes

The special features of the innovative technology by Kahla provide benefits almost anywhere: The non-slip coating allows Magic Grip to survive even a rough boat ride. The advantages of the special series by Kahla are obvious: The Magic Grip coating is an inseparable part of the dishes, making them food-safe, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. Magic Grip's ovenproof baking and oven dishes are labeled in black.

For all other items such as plates, cups and bowls, the innovation is a subtle background element. In these versions, the silicone application is transparent and almost invisible. Thuringian traditional manufacturer Kahla once again represents its values in the Magic Grip Collection. Of course, the porcelain has the best quality and is made in Germany. The Kahla Magic Grip Series was awarded the Red Dot Award for this innovative creation while maintaining classic values.


Innovation put to the test

Here, the Magic Grip porcelain collection by Kahla is extensively tested by chef Christoph Nauheimer. All features of the elegant porcelain are demonstrated here.


Porcelain that stands still when everything is moving - Magic Grip Kitchen Collection by Kahla

With the Magic Grip technology, Kahla presents an innovation that increases the functionality of porcelain in several ways. The integrated silicone foot ensures slip-resistance, reduces noise and protects delicate surfaces from scratches. Magic Grip - Kitchen includes porcelain items for cooking, baking and food preparation from the Five Senses and Update collections.


Porcelain for your Senses - Magic Grip Table Collection by Kahla

Magic Grip - Table includes the entire range of the fine porcelain series Dîner. The fine dining porcelain collection sets the right tone. Thanks to the silicone foot, disruptive clattering from plates, cups and bowls is minimised during a cosy tea time or an intimate dinner. This allows for a more relaxed get-together, in-depth conversations and hearty laughing.