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Kartell Fragrances

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Kartell Fragrances in the style of the Italian design manufacturer

The fragrance objects by Kartell Fragrances consist of a series of scented objects such as diffusers and scented candles, which reflect the style of Kartell in 8 different colours and scents. With sleek shapes, different formats and vibrant colours, the collection pieces of Kartell Fragrances fit elegantly into every living style, from traditional to contemporary and modern, and leave a noticeable scented character. For the collection, the architect Ferruccio Laviani has focused on aspects such as plasticity of the lines, luminosity of the colours, patterns and porosity.

The colours and scents are perfectly matched:

Ghost Diamond (white) - floral, musky - a creation by Marie Hugentobler, Cosmo International perfumery:
An ode to purity and peace of mind in the form of a mixture of a grapefruit fragrance combined with white Jasmine emphasised against a backdrop of woods and musk. White is therefore, the matching colour.

Drops (smoke grey) - floral, green, water-type - design by Annie Buzantian, Firmenich perfumery:
Drops is a flowery scent of water which produces a bright transparency by herbal fragrances, which are refreshed by dew drops, as well as aquatic nuances. The smoke grey thereby reflects the bright transparency.

Ombreuse (pink) - floral, musky - creation by Fabrice Pelegrin, Firmenich perfumery:
Ombreuse is expertly interpreted and highlighted - homage to the classic rose and its intense and elegant scent, with a hint of Peony and Lily of the Valley. In this case the chosen colour is an intense pink tone.

Neroli (orange) - floral, citrus-like - creation by Mathieu Nardin, Robertet perfumery:
Neroli oil and orange blossom inebriate the air with their luminous, sensual and feminine scent. Obviously, the choice here is the colour orange.

Portofino (blue) - woody, citrus-like - creation by Céline Ripert, Mane perfumery:
A fragrance of citrus fruits, fresh aquatic and aromatic shades combine with mandarin and green lime, rosemary, cedar wood and patchouli. Named after the small Italian port city, the colour blue was chosen.

Ad Red Naline (red) - woody, spicy - creation by Sébastien Plan, Cosmo International perfumery:
A chili pepper red, exuding positive adrenalin-charged energy which spreads out before an extraordinary background of patchouli can only be kept in a red jar.

Alhambra (amber) - citrus-like, floral, oriental, woody - creation by Honorine Blanc, Firmenich perfumery:
A citrus nuance, which transforms in a warm, amber-fragrant and sweet core, which then is mixed with a noble basic tone of patchouli and cedar. Amber is the complementary colour for this warm and sweet fragrance.

Noir (black) - oriental, spicy, floral, woody - creation by Honorine Blanc, Firmenich perfumery:
Initial notes of amber and incense become flowery and spicy nuances, behind which elegant wood notes can be perceived. The complementary colour of black is already revealed by the name of the fragrance.

Like that, creations have been developed that have the ability to encapsulate fragrances, and at the same time give it to the surrounding, thanks to the invention of a new gesture and the reinterpretation of innovative technologies. In addition, they are user friendly. Besides candles, stick diffusers made of high-tech fibres and room sprays, there are also electronic devices, that use the capsules.