Linie 58

Linie 58 was founded in September 2011 by Jakob Schenk. The young company focusses on individuality and the user with its products.

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Linie 58 was founded in September 2011 by Jakob Schenk.

The plan of founding a company and further developing the Tick system came about after the successful Tick project exhibition at the DMY in Berlin in 2011.

Linie 58 develops innovative products "Made in Germany" that are less oriented to the mainstream, and much more on functional and ecological aspects. The user always remains in focus and becomes a co-designer.

Jakob Schenk explains: "A few years ago a few friends and I owned an old yellow VW post bus. The number 58 was painted in black on the front and back of the bus.

The previous owner (after the post office) had started to equip it as a camper and you could sleep in it as well as having space for several passengers.

Understandably it soon became a welcome means of transport for holiday trips and all kinds of activities and became the popular "Linie (Route) 58" which steered towards all important destinations on its own timetable." The bus (probably/unfortunately) doesn't exist anymore but a lot of good memories have contributed to bringing the "Linie(Route)" back to life. Starting a company goes along with a lot of idealism, enthusiasm, optimism, mobility and the wish for personal freedom, all things which also influenced the times in those days."

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