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6 Ideas of Blogger Pepper From Heimatbaum

Beautiful presents with the right gift packaging

Not only at Christmas do we wrap presents, but also at Easter, birthdays or other special occasions, when we can express our gratitude, love or appreciation with a gift. It is particularly beautiful when the joy begins the moment you set eyes on the packaging. This shows that you have made an effort and this gesture alone will be well received. I present six original packaging ideas by the blogger Pepper from her blog Heimatbaum.

  1. Gifts Beautifully Wrapped with Ornaments
  2. Nature's Gifts - Feathers, Flowers and Herbs
  3. Wrapping Presents - Decorating with Photos
  4. The Gift Wrapping Box - Reusable and Sustainable
  5. Using Masking Tape to Create Fantasy Worlds
  6. Making Impressions with Stamps

1. Gifts Beautifully Wrapped with Ornam

Pendants are available in many shapes, colours and materials. They are beautiful ornaments to wrap gifts thematically.

For example, cute wooden figures are suitable for baby and children's gifts. Home-made cardboard stars are a festive packaging idea for Christmas gifts or gifts for the Advent calendar. You can make your own pendants or buy them in an arts and crafts shop. The gift tags from ferm Living are well suited to write a little greeting on the back.

Making a Homemade Advent Calendar
Gift for the Little Mouse
Wrapping Gift for Fathers

ferm Living - Brass Ornaments, heart (set of 4)
Girard Heart Ornament by Vitra

2. Nature's Gifts - Feathers, Flowers and Herbs

To decorate gifts with special features from nature is a must for all Boho fans. Feathers do not necessarily have to be found outside. Well assorted craft shops usually have colourful to natural feathers in their assortment. But dried or fresh flowers also add a touch of romance to the gift packaging.

Making a Customised Gift Bag

Another tip: rosemary. The herb not only tastes good, but also decorates gifts wonderfully. Rosemary can be found in almost all major supermarkets. In autumn, on the other hand, dried leaves create the right atmosphere.

3. Wrapping Presents - Decorating with Photos

I particularly like the idea of decorating gifts with photos. The photos immediately arouse emotions. Some suppliers print photos in a Polaroid style. So look for a particularly beautiful moment or subject which you recently took a picture of, print it out and attach it to your gift with a ribbon. Et voilà, a creative gift-wrapping idea.

Customised Wrapping Paper

4. The Gift Box - Reusable and Sustainable

A gift box is a particularly elegant form of packaging. It can still be used afterwards and thus belongs to the sustainable gift packaging. Gift boxes are suitable for gifts such as jewellery, photos, watches and smaller decorative objects.

Minimalistic Gift Packaging

Graphic Boxes Love (Set of 2) by Vitra
Graphic Boxes Flower (Set of 2) by Vitra

Pepper decorated the gift box with a nice greeting card - an easy way to personalise the packaging.

Gifts Given in a Gift Box


5. Using Masking Tape to Create Fantasy Worlds

Masking tape, for example from MT Masking Tape, is a popular way to spice up the gift packaging without much effort. Let your creativity run free!

Decorate Gifts with Masking Tape
Decorate Gifts with Masking Tape
Decorate Gifts with Masking Tape
Decorate Gifts with Masking Tape
Decorate Gifts with Masking Tape


Transform even the simplest wrapping paper into a colourful, individual and varied fantasy world in just a few easy steps. From filigree triangles, to wide stripes or small flags, the design is completely up to you.

6. Making Impressions with Stamps

If you want to design your gifts with stamps in an original way, it is best to use conventional wrapping paper. Other packaging is usually coated and does not absorb the ink.

This type of design is especially fun with children. Stamps can be easily made from potatoes or corks.

As you can see, no great craftsmanship is required to individually wrap gifts. With these six design ideas you can easily give your packaging that certain something. And most importantly, have fun with it!

Photos: Pepper Schmidt, Heimatbaum

Article from the 2017-11-30, by Caren Schwenke

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