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When the summer holidays begin, people start to travel. Time to relax, time for adventures and exploration. People dream of their trips long before they start. We are excited long before the day of departure. That’s the time we pack our suitcases!

Travelling Accessories that make us long for Holidays

We have many things in the interior design shop that will make your holiday very special. Our most beautiful travelling accessories can be found here. Practical lunch boxes for the hiking trip, insulated bottles and parasols for days at the beach, trendy suitcase hangers and boarding bags for flights and original cases for all your documents. But that’s not all: Discover design objects that shine with originality and functionality and that can be enjoyed even after getting back home.

You don’t want to forget anything during your holiday preparations, do you? Have a look at our blog, checklist for your holiday, with packing list.

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