Lyon Beton

French Laissez-faire cast in concrete: The Lyon Beton team has worked for 5 years on developing their unique material. Particular value is placed on the surface, in relation to the cement’s granularity and completely according to the designer.

Cooperation with Regional Artists and Designers

The Lyon Beton team has worked for about 5 years in the North of Lyon on developing a cement with which furniture pieces and accessories can be made without them being too heavy. The manufacturer Lyon Beton has managed, with the help of cement and fine granular surfaces to create a soft and pleasant haptic which inspires various designers and artists from Lyon and the region to new and in some part humorous designs.
The furniture, through processing metal threads and fibre bundles into the concrete has an acceptable weight. The corners and edges are firstly rough due to the concrete casing. The team however, has mastered its technology and gives the collection a cared-for exterior with carefully done curves and edges.

Lyon Beton works among others with Bertrand Jayr (Art & Design), Le Bocal Ltd (Graphic Design) and Crew Birdy Kids (Street Art).

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