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In 1976, Eugenio Perazza founded the company Magis with its headquarter in Motto di Livenza, close to Venice.

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Magis - Italian design and international versatility

In 1976, Eugenio Perazza founded the company Magis with its headquarter in Motto di Livenza, close to Venice. Magis understands it-self as a kind of production company where the differences in languages and styles of the international designers are emphasized and the determining factor for the products.

Magis is not a production and fabrication company due to having several chosen specialists and suppliers which are responsible for that. Moreover, Magis is more focussing on the possibilities of a flexible realization to the ideas of the designers and thus, trying to guarantee them a sort of autonomy and independence when creating for Magis. The founder Eugenio Perazza is always directly, passionate and very enthusiastic involved in the development process of the products.

Next to seating objects and furniture, Magis offers a divers and fresh collection of every day use articles which are created by renowned designers like Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, Michael Young, Stefano Giovannoni, Marc Newson, James Irvine or Karim Rashid.

In contradiction to Cappelini, Danese Milano, Flos, Kartell or Zanotta, Magis does not belong to the traditional, Italian companies of the 50s and 60s which were founders and formers of Italian Design. However, Magis follows that tradition, keeping it always in mind and since 1976, it cuts down its own, distinctive way. Thereby, Magis focuses most on the materials plastic and metal with which they continuously release new and innovative products.

Successful products of the company are next to the famous bar stool Al Bombo by Stefano Giovannoni (1997), the bottle shelf Bottle (1994), the chair and arm chair Air (2003) by Jasper Morissonor, the Chair One (2003) by Konstantin Grcic the folding table and chair Aida by Richard Sapper (2002), just to mention a few.

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Video of the Design Milestones of the Manufacturer Magis

A design story: Magis products from 1976 until today... the most famous designs by the Italian company are animated play the main characters in chronologic order.

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