Marimekko - Kaivo

Marimekko - Kaivo Collection - Banners

Wave pattern by Maija Isola

The Kaivo pattern by Marimekko stimulates the imagination. The timeless patterns from 1964 impress with their graphic elegance and calm appearance.

The Kaivo pattern was designed by Maija Isola. The Finnish designer was always inspired by the things that surrounded her. The story of how Kaivo came about is as magical as it is simple: when Maija Isola lowered her bucket into a fountain one day, she was impressed by the elegance of the waves on the water - and the idea for Kaivo was born.

No matter whether Kaivo pillow case, Kaivo blanket cover or Kaivo tablecloth: Kaivo - which means "wave" in German - is reminiscent of the pop art of the 60s with its large, graphic shapes. At the same time, Marimekko's pattern is still ultra-modern due to its clarity. It is timeless elegance that characterizes a real classic.