Norman copenhagen - Amp

Normann Copenhagen - Amp Series 3840x1440

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Glass and marble lamps

Amp is a series of selected lamps by Normann Copenhagen, whose form is reminiscent of classic tube amplifiers from the 1960s. Designer Simon Legald combines nostalgic and modern optics to high-quality luminous objects. The proportions of the glass domes have been carefully worked out and provide a harmonious overall appearance that sets noble accents in any ambience. In the form of table lamps, pendant lamps or chandeliers, the curvy luminaires blend perfectly into any ambience and convince with their high-quality workmanship and simple design.

Simon Legald says: "Sometimes you can't really tell why an idea for a new object is born. But in this case the inspiration comes directly from a radio and hi-fi equipment. This can be seen in the design of Amp very clearly. The round, transparent shape of a tube has something very special. I thought it would go very well with a lamp. I have chosen a type of glass that is also used for hourglasses, among other things. The shape should be curved and waisted. I have chosen marble as a counterweight to the delicate glass. I think the two materials are a good match."