Norman Copenhagen - Era

Classic, friendly, nostalgic and curvy. That’s how the collection of high and low lounge chairs designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen might be described the best.

Modern Club Chair in the Retro-Design

The Era furniture are designed by Simon Legald and enthuse by an inviting and nostalgic curvy design that is still particularly timeless. This design is a homage to the classic Danish furniture design. In the beginning, the goal was to create a completely new Club Chair that can last generations due to its simplicity, versatility, aesthetics and longevity.

"It took a long time until the proportions and the interplay between soft curves and taut lines of the shell were perfect. Therefore, it was highly important that the upholstery and seams have been realised with highest accuracy. My goal was to create individual chairs, with each its own character. This, I have obtained with the variations between the high and low versions as well as with the different frames. This way, for example the wood frames are flat and give heat, whereas the thinner, round steel and chrome frames present rather an industrial look . In contrast, the Rocking Chair frame is an unexpected and playful alternative to a Lounge Chair" Designer Simon Legald