Normann copenhagen - Tableau

Normann Copenhagen - Tableau

Stylish table accessories

The Table Tableau series by Normann Copenhagen includes Tablecloths , napkins and candles with artistically designed print motifs, which, despite their slightly playful appearance, blend in unobtrusively on the laid table. The stylish table accessories were designed by the creative agency Femmes Régionales.

Guests and hosts alike enjoy the tasteful decoration elements, which are also perfect as small gifts for dinner evenings with friends and family. Lovingly arranged, the items in the Tableau Tableau series enhance any table and also create a homely atmosphere.

"The art of setting a table beautifully used to be a highly valued skill that showed that one had education and took time to create a very special ambience for guests. A kind of care and tranquillity that is quickly forgotten in our hectic, digitalised everyday life" , explains Femmes Régionales, hoping that Tableau will revive the joys of table setting.