Offecct was founded in 1990 in Tibro, South Sweden. As well as famous Swedish designers, international design stars such as Alfredo Häberli and Karim Rashid have created pieces for the coveted Offecct collections.

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Designing Meeting Points for Creatives

Offecct was founded in 1990 in Tibro, Sweden. The company name is an imaginative concoction of the Swedish word 'offentlig' (meaning public) and the English word 'affect'. The play on words grasps the very core of the company; to affect public space and generate creative meeting places.

As a design company for home and office furniture, Offecct has collected a selection of renowned Swedish designers to bring both business and leisure interiors to life. Their Sweidsh designers include among others, Monica Förster. Eero Koivisto, Ola Rune and Thomas Sandell.

The team see themselves above all as a "meeting point for creativity", which is why the company also attracts renowned international designers such as Karim Rashid or the Swiss Alfredo Häberli.

Famous pieces by Offecct include the Sofa Orgy by Karim Rashid (2003), the Sofa Easy Block by Jean Marie Massaud (2001) and the armchair Solitaire by Alfredo Häberli (2001).

A great example of the company's desire to design creative public spaces is the soundwave acoustic panels. Not only do Scrunch and Geo improve room acoustics and absorb loud noises, they are also stylishly designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Ideal for creating a quiet but friendly atmosphere in offices and public spaces, the Soundwave collection has been tested by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute for Acoustics.

In addition to their most famous designs, several public spaces all over the world have been furnished with items from Offecct. A few examples are Restaurant Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Pravda Restaurant in Helsinki, Dansk Radio in Copenhagen, MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) in New York, and the Sfera building Restaurant in Kyoto.


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