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Rosendahl - Grand cru take

Rosendahl - Grand Cru Take

Grand Cru Take -series of bamboo composite for outdoor use

The Grand Cru Take -series interprets the classic design lines of the iconic Grand Cru collection in a new bamboo material for outdoor use and is light, robust, scratch-resistant and stackable. The series is made of a bamboo composite material and is intended for all occasions when you are looking for an alternative to disposable tableware or do not like to take your porcelain with you.

Grand Cru Take has two meanings: " take " as in " take -away" dishes; and " take " is also the Japanese word for "bamboo". The following can be used Take at a picnic in the park or at home every day. The range includes dinner plates, lunch plates, deep plates, bowls and cups and is available in various colours.

The Take -range is aesthetically pleasing and functional, and because it is light and easy to stack, it can be taken anywhere. The colours are muted, with speckled details for a tactile, natural style.

Grand Cru Take has been developed to meet the challenges that can arise when eating outdoors. For example, the plates have higher edges than normal so that the food stays where it belongs. Practical and functional.