Rosti Mepal - Stora Collection

The storage of foodstuff has a deciding influence on freshness and taste. An optimal storage of foodstuff moreover spares time and money. Rosti Mepal, the guarantor for high quality household products out of synthetic materials, also ensures clearness and transparency with its new collection Stora, by storing foodstuff.

Not depending on where food is stored, whether in the fridge, the cupboard, in large kitchen drawers or shelves: the transparent containers with their also transparent lids offer unreserved sight on their content – it doesn't matter if viewed from the laterals, from the front or from above or below. Experience everything clearly.

Rosti Mepal offers the Stora boces in different sizes and forms. In their dimensions the Stora boces have been adapted to "packing dimensions" of fridges and kitchen furniture.

The transparency of the containers is emphasized by the clear form and the tactile pleasant material. Coloured closing rings that end up in a handy latch set an attractive and characteristic opposite point in design. The sealing ring ensures an aroma-saving airtight closing of the versatile usable storage boxes, which can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problems.

With the products line Stora, Rosti Mepal completely fulfills its long-years credo of connecting quality, design and function optimally.