The journey to the customer - a report from a product’s perspective

Rahel ordering a shipment with grey storage bricks. Have you ever wondered how the journey of the products looks like from the order up to delivery? We want to answer this question for you. We accompanied the Lego storage brick on his way through our warehouse. Get an exclusive look behind the scenes at Connox!

Station 1: What do we need for an order at the Connox purchasing department?

Many hardworking employees keep all the products available in our stock at the purchasing department. They tightly cooperate with our manufacturers every day for this purpose, placing orders. More than 13,000 different products, that's a whole lot of work. Rahel ordered a shipment of the Lego storage bricks today.
The storage brick enters the Connox warehouse

Station 2: Arrival and check in of the goods - the post is here!

A few days later the delivery with Storage Bricks arrives. Sometimes, the Connox products go a pretty long way to land at your place. Belgium, France, Denmark, Great Britain or even the United States - daily deliveries from different countries appear at our door. For everything to run smoothly, Simon and his colleagues unload the boxes from the truck, check them and make sure that each of the items ens up in the system.
The Lego storage brick gets his Commons place

station 3: Looking for a storage place - move along please!

As they say: A tidy house, a tidy mind. This is only partially true for the Connox warehouse. We store according to the principle of chaos. This means that we do not have a determined storage syste, and our products don't have a fixed place. They are more or less randomly stored, their storage location is, however, recorded in the system. This is how we effectively exploit every nook and cranny of our warehouse and we easily find the items you have ordered again. Fabian is looking for a free place to store the items, which have just arrived and been unwrapped. Sometimes it's not that easy, because new items are added to the 13,000 articles we already have, every day.

Station 4: Assembling and packaging your order - the finals

The Lego storage brick will be associated with the order automatically A storage brick was ordered. This is when Felix and his colleagues start playing. Felix fetched one of the Lego bricks from the warehouse, and brings the cart to one of our packing stations. For the Storage Brick to remain protected on his journey to the customer, we fill our packages with protective material. This is how everything is shockproof and shatterproof.
The Lego storage brick is being prepared for shipping yet: Environmental protection is important to us. That's the reason why our packaging is 100% made of recycled paper that becomes voluminous using a paper gun, protecting the content of the parcels even better that way. After packing, the parcel goes to the post office. If you order before 15:00 o'clock, products that we have in stock and are shipped with DHL, will be shipped on the same day. Usually, the parcel arrives on the next day within Germany.

By the way: If you want to be informed about where your parcel is during the delivery process, this is not a problem. You will get a tracking code from us with the shipping confirmation. Enter the number in the DHL shipment information and be always informed!

Article from the 2015-09-28, by Annika Schneid

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