What comes to one's mind when thinking about Swiss products? Usually it's clocks, cheese or chocolate - and also reusable sports bottles. Sigg is the best-selling reusable sports bottle in the world

Sigg – Bottles that convince with exceptional quality and unique design

What comes to one's mind when thinking about Swiss products? Usually it's clocks, cheese or chocolate - and also reusable sports bottles. Sigg is the best-sold reusable sports bottle in the world. Among the reasons for this success there are the outstanding quality, the unique design and the exceptional craftsmanship of Swiss production.

The Sigg drinking bottles of aluminium, stainless steel or polypropylene

Sigg bottles are seamlessly produced out of one piece of pure aluminium. Some central advantages will convince:

  • They leak-proof,
  • durable,
  • their inside coating is tear-proof,
  • free from pollutants (BPA-free)
  • and they have a functional design.

Whether you choose the Traveller Bottle, NAT Bottle or the WMB Sports – you will have the right Sigg bottle in your house, with which you will be able to profit after years and years. Its unique interior coating was especially developed for Sigg, it won't detach and it remains tire-proof – even if the bottle is used every day. In few words: It doesn't matter how battered the Sigg bottle becomes – it will always be usable.
The manufacturer SIgg also has a heard for children: This is the reason why the bottles also exist in smaller sizes and with friendly children motifs – the Kids Bottle.

The manufacturer doesn't only produce aluminium bottles, but also Sigg Thermos: a collection of insulating containers looking like the classic bottles. The stainless steel bottles keep drinks hot for up to 24 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 30 hours. Equipped with a drinking bottle, it is perfectly suitable to be used while travelling.

Sigg – a bottle manufacturer with a long tradition

The company looks back to more than 100 years of production in Switzerland. Even though many competitors have relocated their production to Asia, Sigg continues to produce its aluminium bottles exclusively in their factory in Switzerland. However, the company ensures adherence to their high quality, security, social and environmental standards for their Steelworks series as well. This series has been developed by Swiss engineers and is being manufactured in China.

Every year the flagship bottles are being redesigned with artists from all around the world competing for the design of a Sigg bottle. Each year 100 new designs are being realised.

Its beautiful shape is one of the reasons for the Sigg bottle even making it into the New York Museum of Modern Arts. During a hike it is a functional and reliable companion and during a stroll through the streets it is a fashionable accessory.

Sigg bottles are recyclable

The bottles are ecologically correctly recyclable, functional and fashionable. To recycle PET bottles is good, but to use a reusable bottle is much better for the environment!

Discover the highly functional and versatile Sigg bottles in the home design shop. If you have any questions, our team will gladly answer them.

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