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Founded in Germany in 2005, sonoro audio set out to redefine the audio world. The goal is to replace drab, plastic radios and desktop devices that resemble household appliances with high style, high quality compact audio solutions.

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The Cologne based company sonoro audio is manufacturer for audio-lifestyle-products. Sonoro stands for Germany produced and developed quality entertainment-technology, which is technic-product and living accessory at the same time.

Products by sonoro audio connect perfect design, high quality and the greatest engineer work. Therefrom emerge reliable, straight-lined and emotional products that consist of the best materials and thereby unify courageous combinations and professional hand-work. Also the technical side of the devices is through-thought from the beginning to the production. German engineers ensure optimal acoustics and easy-handle.

The success is on sonoro's side: The products have already been honored with several design awards.

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