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The history of the barbecue goes a long way back, originating from a special method of cooking meat on a wooden platform over open fire smoke. This wooden platform could be described as the first barbecue. Caribbean people were cooking their meat dishes this way for hundreds of years, and upon the arrival of the Spaniards, pork became the primary meat used. In principle, not much has changed to this day, other than how impressive barbecues now look. It is to be noted, however, that over time the word barbecue has become a synonym for grilling. A barbecue smoker like Joe's Barbeque Smoker offers you the possibility to quickly cook small cuts of meat with high heat, and at the same time slowly prepare larger pieces of meat in the smoke.

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Joe's Barbeque Smoker — 16" Tradition

BBQ Grill & Smoker – the Oven with a Long Tradition

A barbecue can bring together family and friends, with maximum enjoyment guaranteed. A stress-free gathering with great food is a special kind of pleasure and ensures a relaxing experience. Get together around your barbecue and enjoy all the delicacies you can easily prepare. Not only can you prepare meat, but also fish, vegetables and even refined desserts. A secret tip to create the real barbecue flavour: the wood smoking chips from Jack Daniel's, which will give your food a unique taste of the famous Tennessee Whiskey. With a designer barbecue from Dancook, you can get the Scandinavian feel and the guarantee of excellently prepared food in the outdoors, even for smaller gatherings or spur-of-the-moment barbecues. A designer brazier is an eye catching warming companion on cool evenings.

Socialising and Enjoyment at a Barbecue

In order to have good memories of a barbecue, it is important to always have the right barbecue accessories and of course, the necessary utensils. Some good gripping tongs which will safely put on, turn over, and remove the food from the grill should definitely be a part of your equipment. The tried and tested technology of our barbecues guarantees safety and a relaxed barbecue. Look forward to nice culinary evenings!

BBQ Grill in the Interior-Design shop – Your Advantages at a Glance

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