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Extra soft and diffused light

A chandelier transforms a room into a very special place. Gone are the days when this variant of lighting works only in large rooms with high ceilings and stucco on the wall. However, modern chandeliers also exude a certain exclusivity and extravagance. However, first and foremost, the hanging ceiling lamp should do one thing: perfectly illuminate the room. Here you can learn what to look for when buying.

The right chandelier - this is what you should look for when buying:

1. Possible applications
2. Lighting
3. Mounting
4. Sizes and dimensions
5. Design and colors
6. Conclusion

1. Possible uses - living room, dining room, hallway and bedroom.

A hanging luminaire is most suitable for illuminating areas of a room where light is needed from above. This is especially the case above the dining table . But also in the hallway or living room chandelier is ideal to illuminate the room holistically. The advantage of chandeliers, unlike many pendant lights , is that it casts light evenly in all directions.

Howard chandelier from porcelain

2. Lighting - this is the ideal way to illuminate your room.

A chandelier should be used as the main source of light - because even due to its rather eye-catching design, the chandelier is the center of attention. For a harmonious overall picture, combine a chandelier with floor or table lamps. Of course, you can also arrange the lighting fixtures as a group, for which a number of three lamps is particularly suitable.
When installing them, do not start from the center of the room, as you might suspect. Think carefully about the effect you want to create and which area of the room should be illuminated and thus brought into focus.

3. Mounting of cone chandeliers - what you should consider

Have you decided on one or more light sources and know where you want to mount them? Then also take into account the height of the room. How high should the room be where I want to mount the chandelier? This is a question that many people ask themselves. Generally speaking, the room does not have to have a prescribed height. It depends on the effect you want to achieve with the lamp. If the lamp is more likely to hang in the center of the room or in places you walk under, then make sure it is at least two feet from the floor. Above the dining table, it can hang lower - but high enough so that it does not interfere with the field of vision.

The Franklin LED chandelier in modern ambience

4. Size and dimensions - beautiful chandeliers adapt to the size of the room.

The diameter of a modern chandelier is about 38 to 70 centimeters. So think about where you want to hang it. If they want to hang the lamp over a table , then the diameter of the light fixture should not necessarily be larger than that of the table. In general, however, chandeliers can find a place anywhere - even in very narrow hallways, the right ceiling light can create more space.

5. Design and color - chandeliers from white to gold

They come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Are you looking for a simple light fixture, which fits rather restrained in your interior or prefer something extravagant? Here you can choose the right model according to your taste. Chandeliers in gold and metallic elements are perfect for those who want to bring a touch of extravagance into their own four walls.

The chrome chandelier 2097/18 from Flos over a round black dining table

6. Conclusion

A designer chandelier will add that extra touch to any room. It does not depend on the size of the room, modern chandeliers work well even in small rooms. Do you want to use the chandelier as the main accessory? Then hold back a bit in the color palette when choosing the wall color and furniture . Because in rather monochrome interiors, a chandelier will look particularly good.