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Louis Poulsen table lamp

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Louis Poulsen table lamp is a Danish design classic, manufactured since the 1950s. It was designed by Poul Henningsen, who is considered one of the most important lighting designers of the 20. century. Louis Poulsen table lamp is a beautiful example of functional art and is placed in any interior, including homes, offices and public spaces.

Louis Poulsen table lamp - this is what you should know:

1. About the history
2. Design and features
3. Battery or cable
4. Conclusion
5. FAQ

1. About the history

The Louis Poulsen table lamp was designed by Poul Henningsen in the 1950s. It is a beautiful example of functional art and fits into any interior. Verner Panton, architect and designer, as well as Arne Jacobsen designed various table lamps for Louis Poulsen.

VL Studio Table lamp from Louis Poulsen

2. Design and features

Louis Poulsen table lamp has a unique design that allows it to be placed in any interior. It is made of high quality materials and has a unique look that will beautify any room.

Louis Poulsen table lamp is usually made of metal and glass. However, there are some variations in the materials used.

Keglen LED table lamp from Louis Poulsen

Some of the table lamps are dimmable. This is a great feature if you want to create a special atmosphere in the room, to dim the light depending on the lighting conditions. Especially in the bedroom, this function is useful.

3. Battery or cable

Louis Poulsen table lamp can be powered either by a rechargeable battery or by a cable. Rechargeable table lamps have the advantage that you can move the lamp around the house without having to worry about a power outlet. The disadvantage is that the battery needs to be charged occasionally.

Noble designer table lamp

If you choose to use a cord, you will need to find an outlet. The advantage is that you do not have to worry about the battery.

4. Conclusion

Louis Poulsen table lamps not only serve their purpose, but are a true design classic. They are beautiful and fit into any interior. Choose the table lamp that best suits your needs and enjoy the special atmosphere it creates.


What are the dimensions of a Louis Poulsen table lamp?

The dimensions of Louis Poulsen table lamps vary depending on the model. Some of the larger models can be up to 70 cm high.

Do the Louis Poulsen table lamps have battery?

Some of the Louis Poulsen table lamps are equipped with a rechargeable battery. The battery must be charged occasionally.