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Plates - more than just a means to an end

It's not only on special occasions that you need plates. During the week it must also go quickly, so that the plates serve only as a purpose to prepare the food quickly. When friends and family are visiting, you also arrange the food beautifully on the plate. For this you also like to reach times to the designer plate that fits perfectly to the interior style.

Plates as a matching tableware set

You want to serve several courses at once? With the matching tableware sets you will succeed. A deep plate for the soup, a small plate for the appetizer, a large plate for the main course and a small dessert plate - so your culinary highlight is set in scene.

Plates in different materials


Ceramic plates are very robust and are suitable for everyday use in the kitchen. They consist largely of coarse clay and are hot-fired. Ceramic looks pure white in all lighting conditions.


Unlike ceramic, porcelain is very delicate and can break more quickly. So be a little more careful when handling it. When exposed to light, porcelain reflects, creating different shades of color that make the plate look interesting. In the production of porcelain plates is used white kaolin clay, which hardens at 1300 ° C.


Earthenware plates are individual and usually unique. They are handmade and painted. The coarse texture makes them look antique, rustic but at the same time modern. Be a little careful when placing the plates. Stoneware is somewhat sensitive to impact and can break more easily. Feldspar, quartz or clay are the materials from which earthenware plates are made.


Glass plates are extremely robust. They are usually made of quartz sand, water and lime and serves as the basis for transparent but also colorful tableware. Don't be fooled - glass doesn't always have to be transparent. Plates made of glass have a long life due to the hard surface.


Pizza and snacks are often served on rustic wooden boards. They are very sturdy and do not break. Wash wooden plates by hand. The beautiful structure is broken in the dishwasher.