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Smeg toaster

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Smeg toasters are the latest kitchen appliances that you just have to have. Smeg toasters come in a variety of colors and styles, and they are sure to beautify any kitchen. Smeg toasters are extremely durable and are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Besides the functionality to toast they are a real designer piece.

Smeg toasters - here's what you should know about them:

1. The different colors
2. These models are available
3. These are the features of Smeg toasters
4. What makes them stand out
5. Conclusion
6. FAQ

1. The different colors

The organic shape of Smeg toasters is particularly striking. Thus, Smeg combines the functionality of the toaster with a unique design. Particularly striking, are the colors of the toasters, which have no others. Classic colors, such as black and white, but also trendy colors like pastel green, pastel blue, cadillac pink or cream over rose gold, champagne, gold, chrome or red.

2-slice toaster TSF01 and kettle from Smeg

With this color palette, Smeg meets every taste. Those who like something a little more eye-catching can also go for the Dolce & Gabbana toaster or the british toaster.

Matt is chic? If you want something different, you can also buy the matte version of the toasters. Because everyone has shiny toasters in their kitchen.

2. These models are available

Smeg toasters are available in different models. For example, there is the Smeg 2-slice toaster or the Smeg 4-slice toaster. The Smeg long slot toaster has two compartments for longer slices of bread such as ciabatta or baguette.

2-Slice Toaster TSF01 & Kettle from Smeg

3. These are its features

All Smeg toasters have an extra wide slot. This allows you to put different types of bread in it, like baguettes or gluten-free bread. Smeg toasters have six different toast settings. So you can decide for yourself how dark you want the toast. The Smeg toaster also has a defrost function, so you can put in frozen bread that will defrost and toast at the same time. The Smeg toaster also has a reheat function. So your toast will stay warm without burning.

2-slice toaster TSF01 in union jack from Smeg on the table

And if you ever put something in the toaster that you shouldn't have, you don't have to worry. Because the Smeg toaster has a removable crumb tray where all the crumbs end up. In addition, with the anti-slip feet, her toaster from Smeg remains securely on the countertop

4. What makes them stand out

Smeg toasters are not only of high quality, but also very stylish. Smeg is a well-known brand for their beautiful design and is the perfect example of this. Smeg toasters come in many different colors and styles. Surely there is a Smeg toaster that will fit your kitchen. They are not only a real eye-catcher, but also very functional.

2-slice toaster TSF01 in pastel blue from Smeg with toast slices

5. Conclusion

Smeg toasters are the latest kitchen appliances that you simply must have. No matter what style of decor you have, the Smeg toaster will fit into any style. With the many different colors and models, Smeg meets every taste. Above all, the Smeg toaster is also a real collector's item - there are also refrigerators, kettles and other kitchen appliances from Smeg.

2-slice toaster TSF01 in chrome from Smeg in the kitchen


Which Smeg toaster is the best?

All Smeg toasters are of high quality. It depends on your personal taste which Smeg toaster you like best.

Where can I buy a Smeg toaster?

You can buy Smeg toaster in Connox store.

Can I put a Smeg toaster in the dishwasher?

No, Smeg toasters are not dishwasher safe.

How many watts does a Smeg toaster consume?

Smeg toasters consume about 850 watts.