Take2 Design

The history of Take2 Design begins in 1995. The company produces innovative product ideas in an in-house think tank with internal and external designers, bringing them to the market.

The history of Take2 Design begins in 1995, when Markus Roling and Volker Zitzman founded the Roling + Zitzman GbR as a distribution company for furniture and accessories.

The planning office for the development of furniture and accessories was also founded in 1998 and one year later, in 1999, the legendary "Eggshell-breaking-and-perforating-device" Clack was created.

In 2003, the distributor was transformed into the limited partnership Take2 Designagentur GmbH & Co.KG, managed by Markus Roling and Volker Zitzmann. In 2008, Markus Roling continued managing Take2 as the sole owner and managing director.

When realising ideas and developing products, Take2 Design aspires to: "Have fun, live out childish instincts, test physical rules – all with innovative, high-quality and demanding design items that are also practical."

The in-house think tank also ensures that innovative product ideas are realised by internal and external designers and brought to the market.

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