Tolix - Children's Furniture

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Designer Children's Furniture Made of Sheet Steel

The children's furniture series by the French manufacturer Tolix is characterised by clear designs and robust material. The Mouette armchair (french. seagull) was designed in the 30s by Xavier Pauchard. It is a child-friendly addition to the iconic A56 Chair Tolix. The matching Rhino kids table, Crocodile bench and Tortue (franz. Turtle) chest also come from the Normal Studio design duo.

Practical and Robust

In addition to the funny animal names, the Tolix furniture is also made from their basic material, steel sheet. This makes them especially robust and low maintenance. Food or ink stains are not a problem either since the Tolix children's table can simply be cleaned with water.

Together, the table, bench and chair form a practical seating area where children can play, eat or do arts and crafts. After the games, the turtles chest is ideal to store away all of the important toys, ensuring order. A practical detail are the hidden wheels, which make it easy to move a heavily filled chest.

All of furniture from the series is available in different colours and perfectly adapt to any child's room.