Tom Dixon - Super-Texture

Tom Dixon - textiles collection

Textile Series with Various Weaving Styles, Materials and Colours

Super Texture is the name of the series by the British manufacturer Tom Dixon that deals exclusively with textiles. Super-Texture is considered Tom Dixon’s first step into the household textile market, experimenting with various weaving techniques, materials, colours and embellishments. For this, Tom Dixon received help from the talented British textile artist Josephine Ortega. The result is a series of textiles made from plush mohair velvet, linen, cotton, hand-tufted wool from New Zealand and Buklee yarn in exciting electrifying colours, adorned with patterns and motifs inspired by nature.

Tom Dixon only uses materials of uncompromising quality, elaborately worked by hand. The colours of the cushions and blankets are also matched to Tom Dixon's existing collection of furniture, lights and accessories, so that the textile series is perfectly introduced into any environments.