Twister Lighting

Twister Lighting offers lamps based on the 2-in-1 principle. Practical lights that also attach to surfaces. Simply put on a hook, twist and your new ceiling light is already put up. Unusual design with functionality.

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Give your light a twist!

Twister Lighting was developed by Ute Müller and Dr Dirk Stieger out of the need to produce a lamp that no longer had to be screwed into the wall in a complicated manner. Their goal was to design a lamp that could be installed in an instant and still look good.

Twister Lighting developed the patented 2-in-1 lamp principle, putting the lamp and attachment in the one product.
To attach the lamp you just need a hook instead of the usual various attachment materials. Put the hook on the wall, connect the lamp and turn it until it hangs securely on the wall. This means you can easily and quickly install and remove the lamp.

The lamp's design is either simple, unostentatious and timeless or eye-catching and cheeky, depending on your taste. The lamp adapts to any interior and always provides fun. Just like the motto: Give your light a twist!

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The first lamp without screws

2 in 1: the Twister lamps are a base and attachment in one. Practical lights that can be secured in just a few simple steps and without any screws.