9 Unusual Wall Clocks – Good Times

Who has turned on the clock? On Sunday, the clocks will be adjusted, the winter season begins. The late risers will look forward to sleeping a bit longer, others will complain about the jetlag. Ambitious plans of energy saving days bring the clock inside of us to a halt - and that for 35 years already. Changing the clocks has emerged economically nonsensical lately: The costs of the changeover far outweigh the energy savings. And the main actors of this hustle and bustle are hanging on our walls. The rulers of our time do their job in the coat of everyday - patiently and almost indifferently. We find, the watches in this world should not only be in our attention twice a year and have looked after specimen, which are anything but inconspicuous. Look forward to our unusual wall clocks - with lots and lots of time!

The designers of this world see more than a mere time measurer in clocks and watches. The designs are appropriately creative, unusual and diverse.

Barcelona wall clock by nomon in black
Raggiante wall clock by Alessi
Daniel Libeskind’s Wall Clock
Georg Jensen - Henning Koppel Wall Clock Graphic blue, ambience

Large wall clocks, XXL formats that decorate the entire wall. Striking colors like the ball clock by Vitra. Minimalistic as the time clock from Stelton. Noble as the marble wall clock by Menu. Wall clocks design isn’t limited at Connox. They won’t give you just a temporal orientation, they are also special eye-catchers in living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms.

Ceramic wall clock with black hands
Silk Wall Clock from Koziol in black
Irregular shapes and a hexagonal dial

Maybe the time came for you to change a bit more than only the time. See more exceptional design wall clocks in our category "Clocks". Start a new era!

Article from the 2017-10-24

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