The Five Baking Accessories You Shouldn't Be Without

Baking Bundle BlogDoughy drama and soggy bottoms in a tent in the English countryside - it's finally time to roll up our sleeves and cover every surface in flour: baking season is back!

There's something about watching someone create a work of art out of bread that really inspires you to get in the kitchen and see what miracles you can perform. Just like Ian's unforgettable Baked Alaska disaster in 2014 though, things don't always go to plan and not every bake is a show-stopper. We've pulled together our top 5 items for your baking kit so that you can avoid catastrophe and impress everyone with a truly excellent bake.

  • Cucina Baking & Serving Dish from Jenaer Glas
  • Duo Bake from Joseph Joseph
  • Stone Rolling Pin from Hay
  • Pieni Unikko Oven Glove from Marimekko
  • Bake-It Breadform from Rig-Tig by Stelton
  • Bonus! Free with any order: S-XL Silicone Cake Mould from Konstantin Slawinski

Jenaer Glas - Cucina Baking and Serving Dish
Cucina Baking & Serving Dish from Jenaer Glas

Bake, serve, store and transport your cake easily and in style with this brilliant design from Jenaer Glas. The round cake tin fits directly onto the pretty glass base, which features a small platform for presenting the cake. Simply fit the tin around the platform and bake your cake directly onto the serving glass! When your cake is ready, simply release the latch to remove the tin. A beautiful way to present a cake without any crumbs or fuss.
The plastic lid not only prevents flies getting to the cake, but also features a carry handle and a tight click-down lock to attach it firmly to the glass base. Whether you are anxiously carrying your bake across a warm tent to be inspected by Mary Berry, or transporting it to a dinner party to impress your friends - this Cucina product is a must-have.
Designer: Jenaer Glas
Customer review highlight: A beautiful and practical product for the kitchen: the baking and serving dish saves on cleaning the baking tray, the cake can be easily and safely transported and the lid/cover works well. A great product.

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Joseph Joseph - Duo Bake, cutting the dough
Duo Bake from Joseph Joseph

Two tools in one - the handy Duo Bake from Joseph Joseph not only serves as a handy bowl scraper but also as a precision dough cutter.
The dough cutter is made of metal and features a perfectly straight edge with measurements running along it, making cutting dough into even sections a breeze. The silicone dough scraper is a solid piece, which attaches by invisible magnets onto the top of the metal, fitting perfectly to the green handle for ease of use. The silicone piece is beautifully rounded to fit almost any bowl and does a sterling job of scraping all of the dough from your mixing bowl. After you're done, the metal tool even serves to clean the worktop, easily pushing all flour remnants into a pile.
The perfect tool for keeping your kitchen clean and your slices precise for baking individual bread rolls.
Designer: Joseph Joseph
Customer review highlight: It makes clearing the worktop and scraping out the bowl so easy! Having both functions in one product is really convenient and the design is innovative and helpful.

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Hay Stone Rolling Pin
Stone Rolling Pin from Hay

Have you experienced the benefits of a stone rolling pin yet? Not only is each Hay rolling pin uniquely beautiful thanks to its production in marbled green stone, the stone itself makes it the perfect tool for manipulating dough because of its weight and relationship to temperature.
The comfortable weight of the Hay rolling pin rolls out dough with ease, but still avoids cracks and dents in your big show stopper. Its long, tapered design means it is even suitable for making pie crust.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of a stone rolling pin is its ability to resist room temperature: unlike wood, stone is easy to heat and cool as necessary. Working with pastry? Simply pop your rolling pin in the freezer or run it under cold water and you'll have a beautifully cool rolling pin to keep your pastry from wilting. Ideal for baking in a hot tent, or anywhere else! Easy to clean, simple to use, and a stylish addition to any kitchen.
Designer: Hay
Customer review highlight: I love this rolling pin. Apart from the beautiful look and feel, it is exceptionally easy to use. The lack of excess handles also means it is easy to store, unlike other rolling pins I've had. Would make a lovely gift!

Photo by Das Leben ist süß
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Stelton - Rig-Tig Bake-It box shape
Bake-It Breadform from Rig-Tig by Stelton

When trying to impress a panel of judges (or even just your friends), there's nothing better than variety. This loaf pan from Rig-Tig is cleverly designed to be able to accommodate two separate bakes at the same time! Combine an onion loaf with a herb and cheese variety, or a tomato loaf with a small portion of garlic bread. Perfect for both savoury and sweet combinations, the silicone loaf pan features a metal divider which can be moved between three different sizes to either create one smaller loaf or two completely different flavours in one pan.
Bake-It is oven and dishwasher safe, as well as suitable for storing your loaves in the fridge.
Designer: Rig-Tig by Stelton
Customer review highlight: The Bake-It loaf pan is so easy to use. The soft silicone makes it easy to get your bread out when it's done and even easier to clean. I can use it to make a half of a banana bread and half a raisin loaf at the same time - excellent!

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Various kitchen utensils from Marimekko
Oven Glove from Marimekko

Marimekko is known for stand-out patterns and beautiful, playful designs and there's nothing like a colourful oven glove to add a touch of fun to your kitchen. The Unikko (poppy) pattern of the pictured glove was designed by Maija Isola in the early 1960s and has been a firm favourite for home accessories ever since.
Aside from their eye-catching designs, Marimekko oven gloves are also made from 100% cotton. Comfortable and easy to clean, the thick glove effectively prevents burns and makes sure that the only thing you have to worry about is the quality of your bake.
A handy loop allows the oven glove to be hung up when you're finished with it, or proudly display it next to your matching Marimekko apron!
Designer: Marimekko
Customer review highlight: Almost too pretty to use. It looks simply beautiful in our open kitchen. Great quality and excellent design.

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Konstantin Slawinski S-XL Cake Mould Small
Bonus: Free with every order! S-XL Silicone Cake Mould from Konstantin Slawinski

Okay, so we started out with the promise of five excellent baking accessories and this is number six. No less brilliant than the others on our list, the SL15 S-XL Cake Mould is our special bonus item as it currently absolutely free! Add it to your basket with any order and boost your shop without spending a single penny more. It's only free while stocks last, so get in quickly!
This charming little cake mould is a sure-fire way to create an impressive bake with minimal effort. The clever design creates tall slices, narrow slices, thick slices and small slices all in one cake. It's a real novelty that would surely make even Paul Hollywood grin!
Designer: Konstantin Slawinski
Customer review highlight: Great cake mould, above all I think the different heights within one cake is a really great design. It makes a simple cake look like something special. Very happy with the quality.

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