The reindeer as design model

BeDesign - Deer metal, white, small / black, large

It is a genuine design classic: Hardly a subject is so deeply rooted in the world of design, like the deer - as wall decoration, impressive trophy or as outstanding shelf. From the petty-bourgeois kitsch object to the style icon? About the turbulent career of the roaring red deer in interior design - and what makes it still so unique today.

Art history: Petit-bourgeois murals

While the roaring stag is almost the epitome of kitsch today, it was hard to be ignored in the 19th and 20th. centuries regarding room design. The roaring deer ornamented numerous paintings in lateral view with a hint flag before the mouth and thus received his place in art exhibitions. He also remained popular as photographic reproduction and received entry into many private homes. The colourfully illustrated hunting stories remind us of the princely game and hunting pleasure and social prestige associated with it. This is how they gained popularity within a very short time. The roaring deer ornamented glasses, cups and ties until the 1960s, inseparably unified to Department stores.

The deer is especially found in Bavaria and the Bavarian Oktoberfest today. There he adorns Lederhosen and Dirndls, tents and huts. In terms of Interior design, the playful porcelain figurines and overloaded wall paintings have moved away. New materials, simple shapes and a minimalist design, however, revitalised the symbol of tradition. Manufacturers such as Moustache and BeDesign represent the deer in various products. Not without reason.

About symbolism of the deer: graceful, strong and gorgeous

The deer belongs to the five animals that lived on Earth the longest together with blackbird, owl, eagle and salmon. He writes history - as well as our design classics. The stag is a majestic, powerful appearance is what different symbol lexicons write. He walks through life in an upright posture, representing pride and grace. He has style, our deer. Not only that, he is considered to be the King of the forest, representing respect, responsibility and wisdom.

Our design model is a real authority and presents inner strength whenever we think of it: an animal that is asserting itself among others. Incomparable - as each of our objects. The impressive antlers are a sign for his strength and uniqueness. They are some functional and aesthetic weapons and ornaments at the same time. Heads held high is how the deer radiates a special energy and peace of mind, the antlers add elegance and charisma to his appearance.

BeDesign - Deer wooden large, solid oak
BeDesign - Deer metal, white
BeDesign - Deer metal, black

These products show: The classic hunting trophy is obsolete. Innovative forms, high-quality materials and careful processing transform petty-bourgeois kitsch into contemporary design products. A special strength and splendor is radiated by it, like from the kind of the animals. They are not only a fashionable alternative to the deer's head, they are particularly animal-friendly. This is how the majestic model still runs through the forests of the world without being harmed.

Article from the 2015-09-11, by Anja Beckmann

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