1 Product | 3 Blogs: Testing the Cucina baking tin

Practical baking dish by Jenaer GlasThe Cucina baking and serving dish by Jenaer Glas – the young brand of the Zwiesel Kristallglas AG – is focussed in our series 1 products| 3 blogs. We found three bloggers again for the test of this special baking tin. The specialty of the dish: It is multitalented – baking tin and cake plate in one! Perfectly suitable for the fast cake during the week or for a spontaneous visit. Whether the combination of baking tin and serving tray is suitable to be used every day is shown by our three hobby bakers!

Jenear Glas delivers timelessly beautiful product solutions for common cooking and baking since all times – traditional values meet modern lifestyle with this brand. Jenear Glass isn't only known for high class household products all over the world, but it is also considered to be the embodiment of heat resistant glass. One of all the products that encouraged that remuneration of the brand is the Cucina baking and serving dish. It unufues a baking tin out of metal, cake plate and storage lid with carrying handles in one – a baking tin that saves time, work, washing up work and dishes. After baking, the cake can easily be freed from the baking tin and remain on the cake plate to be served. This is how the cake remains unharmed until it is presented. There won't be any crumbs because the cake mustn't change its plate. Jenaer Glas produces the cake plate out of taste-neutral borosilicate glass; it is ovenproof, microwave-safe and suitable to be placed in the freezer. The storage lid out of plastic keeps the cake fresh for a longer time. Stephanie, Mareike and Carolin tested the Cucina baking and serving dish – the result: tasty!

Berry cheesecake

Stephanie from Sweet Cake O'Mine baked a classic cheesecake with our cucina baking tin. A crown of juicy berries – strawberries, blackberries and blueberries – added a fresh hint to the fluffy cheesecake. Stephanie's cheesecake invites us to bite it! Especially during a picnic evening outside. The lid of it enabled porting the cake to the favourite place in the garden or another spot in the sun without any problems.
The receipt (German page).

The Cucina baking and serving dish with fruity cheesecake Cheesecake with fruits – baked on the ovenproof glass plate The Cucina baking and serving dish with lid

Raspberry-gooseberry-cake with meringue top and mint sugar

Mareike from Biskuitwerkstatt used the great selection of fruits we have on the market. She loves gooseberries – and the combination of sweet and bitter. The result: A mixed cake with bitter gooseberries and raspberries in a bed of sweet meringue. Hmm… Mareike already knew Jenaer Glas from her grandmother. She already cooked rice, goulash and more meals on the stove with the different glasses and dishes by the brand. But she never baked with them. Mareike's initial sepsis came out to be void. The Cucina baking tin is leak-proof despite of the liquid dough, the cake was easily taken out of the dish and the storage top remains firmly where it should be – even if the cake gets out of the dish. Test passed! Find further information about Mareike's experience with our baking and serving dish on her blog.
Zum Rezept. (The receipt).

Fruity meringue cake – baked in the Cucina baking and serving dish Fruity meringue cake served on the practical Cucina service plate Fruity meringue cake on the practical Cucina service plate

Cheesecake after a receipt of the grandmother

The timing of our product test perfectly suited the birthday of Carolin's dad. Carolin regularly blogs about sweet sins and about the traditional birthday cake she made for her father and for us on her blog Zuckergewitter, according to a receipt of her grandmother. Mmmh! Our Cucina baking and serving dish received three points: the integrated glass plate wins every cake butler, the dishwashing tower is therewith reduced and the baking dish hasn't got any gaps, where cake remains in, since the baking dish border is only spanned round without the need of being plugged in some grooves. Carolin thinks: thumbs up! Only the design she would have changed…
The receipt (German page).

Practical baking dish by Jenaer Glas – baking dish and service tray in one Cheesecake – baked on the ovenproof glass plate Keeps every cake fresh: the lid of the Cucina baking and serving dish by Jenaer Glass

You liked the cakes? The receipts are on the according blogs, the Cucina baking and serving dish from Jenaer Glas is available in our shop. Enjoy baking, experimenting and tasting!

Article from the 2015-08-12, by Anja Beckmann

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