The Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair: Monochrome design

The new monochrome colours of the series 7 by Fritz Hansen Plain from head to toe. Seat, legs and pads in a color. The traditional manufacturer Fritz Hansen presented a new monochrome version of the famous classic in the event of the 60th anniversary of the Chair Series 3107 - a tribute to the world-famous stacking chair.

Danish artist Tal R gave a new look to the 1955 created Series 7 chair by the design master Arne Jacobsen. He is internationally known for his unique sense of colour and vitalized more new facets of the Series 7. The reinterpretation offers a tranquil, soft image by means of the plain colour, while the classic relies entirely on the colour and material contrast between seat and base.

The monochrome Series 7 chair is available in four new exclusive colours from now on: Black, white, Chavalier Orange and blue of Trieste. The last ones comes from the artist's personal colour range and have one thing in common: They are between two colour tones and constantly pulled in both directions. That gives them depth. Each of the colours can tell a story and evoke associations. Their character changes with the light and the environment.

"I grew up with the series 7 Chair. It is the simplest chair I know. It does not pretend anything other than being a chair. And I love its shape, which has the sensual curves of a woman. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to me creating new colours for this chair" , explained Tal R.

New look, proven characteristics

This edition also remains true to his trademark: Seat and backrest are made of one only piece of plywood, molded with the use of steam. The strong shape of the waist at the transition from seat to backrest and the weightless tubular metal frame are part of this re-edition of 2015. It is stackable, durable and extremely weightless - short: suitable for everyday use. These properties made the original built in 1955 famous.

Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair, monochrome white The Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair, Trieste Blue The Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair, Chevalier orange

Each colour variant of the re-edition is available in two versions: with dyed and lacquered seat. The coloured model keeps its individual grain of the ash wood still visible - a plus for the natural look and the organic silhouette of the Series 7 Chair. The lacquered variant enhances the silky, balanced effect. The wood grain is covered with a soft layer of paint in this version.
Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair, monochromatic black, 46.5 cmOur recommendations for you:Fritz Hansen - Series 7 Chair MonochromeView now!

A model number with cult status

Jacobsen's masterpiece of the 50s was the reason for the international success of Danish design. A simple model number became famous, the popularity of Scandinavian design received its initial impetus. More than five million Series 7 chairs were sold since 1955. This is how the anniversary chair is one of the best-selling chairs ever. This is also due to the variant diversity, the chair Series 7 is meanwhile available in - in different colours, with various wood processing and with different, sometimes complex support structures. The number 7 is synonymous for timeless elegance and artistic as well as technical skill at the highest level - this is also proven by Tal R with his new edition.

The facts in an overview

Year: 1955 / 2015
Designer: Arne Jacobsen / Tal R
Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen
Country: Denmark
Characteristics: Stackable, lightweight and resistant. The Series 7 is a successor of the Chair 'The Ant' that was designed for the canteen of the Danish company Novo. He should be cost-efficient, compact and modern. It was a simple and yet elegant chair.
Trivia: The name of the 'Series 7' Chair has its origin in the model number 3107, the successor of the "Ant". The model number reached cult status.

Article from the 2015-11-25, by Anja Beckmann


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