Zuzunaga - Bitmap Collection

Zuzunaga - Bitmap Collection - 16:6

The Bitmap Collection by Zuzunaga shows images that were reduced to a minimum on a pattern. The strong character and the individuality of the design make up the essence of the Bitmap textiles.

A Bitmap is a way of saving digital data by means of compressing their elements. The patterns of the Bitmap Collection by Zuzunaga come out of such a process of compression: Graphic pixels make up the expressive design in the typical Zuzunaga style. But the Bitmap Collection is much more than a collection of digital patterns.

The origin of the unmistakable pixels designs from Zuzunaga was set by pictures of urban landscapes. The images are strongly reduced to their single elements, the pixels. If that way was gone backwards, there would appear cities on the designs by Zuzunaga. This is how the Bitmaps by Zuzunaga aren't only digital images, but real "maps".