Rosenthal - Junto Tableware

Rosenthal - Junto Tableware Collection

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Tableware Collection with Material Mix

The Junto Tableware Collection by Rosenthal unites fine porcelain, ceramic and warm wood. The mix of materials allow for a multitude of possible combinations ensuring the series can be used for any occasion.

The tableware series can be used daily for breakfast, or for special Sunday meals. Either way, the plates and cups from the Junto series by Rosenthal fit beautifully into any living situation, since the series consists both of porcelain and stoneware. The porcelain is adorned by a diamond relief tapering to the centre, while the stoneware convinces with a special reactive glaze in earthy colours.

Unlike conventional glazes, the reactive glaze runs off the edges whilst its being burned. On the edges, the glaze appears monochrome and silky matt. Depending on the shape of the dish, it will look different every time. No object is like another, adding character and individuality to each piece from the Junto collection.

Trays made of oak in various sizes, which stand on two feet, complement the collection.