IXXI - Disney Collection

IXXI - Disney Collection

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IXXI x Disney

IXXI presents with pride the IXXI x Disney collection. The image assortment comprises many motifs of the most popular Disney characters and scenes from the films. This collection makes not only children's hears beat faster, but makes also adults wallow in memories.

In the sketches of Mickey & Minnie Mouse you travel through time, get lost in Wonderland and let yourself be enchanted by the numerous scenes of the film. For the smallest customers there is a special Disney Baby, Disney Princess, Disney All Stars and Cars Collection; a cute collection of famous Disney characters.

But also adult can get back the Disney heroes of childhood in the living room. In the minimalism series, the characters are transformed into a modern wall decor and the pixelated variants give the motifs an abstract and timeless look that you like to hang on the wall.

Fasten IXXI to the wall

The IXXI cards can be attached to the wall using the connectors and the supplied suspension strips and Tesa Powerstrips. Size and motif are variable and can be extended or exchanged at any time with just a few simple steps.