IXXI - Photography Collection

IXXI - photography collection

Photography Collection by IXXI

The photography collection by IXXI includes a wide range of photographs that meet every taste. Nature and architecture images about wildlife photography or abstract, modern motifs - it includes everything that makes a photography lover's hear beat faster.

The architecture and nature series include motifs from major cities and impressive landscapes. Close-ups of wild animals can be found in the animal series. The portrait series consists of impressive shots by known and unknown personalities and represents, just like the vehicle series, the spirit of the time. In the black and white series, all of these themes come together and create an intense atmosphere in black and white.

IXXI your world

IXXI turns the whole world into a wall decoration! A modern, innovative way to present the pictures or artwork in each room.

Fixing the IXXI Cards on the Wall

The IXXI cards are connected to each other with the provided crosses. They are then fixed to the wall thanks to the included hanging strips and adhesive Tesa powerstrips. Size and design are variable and can be extended or replaced at any time.